Fat Camp

overweight pets are becoming an epidemic in the united states. Although it may not sound like a lot, just a few extra pounds can be extremely detrimental to your dogs health. Overweight dogs are more likely to become diabetic, struggle with back problems, and develop heart disease.

For many of us, we have a weak spot for our pets and because of this we have the tendencies to not be strict with them by giving them too many treats or table scraps far too often. Over time, this conditions our pets to constantly beg and expect to receive people snacks which can be incredibly unhealthy.

Dog image
Dog image

We know how hard it is to say no to your pets, that's why we will be the bad guys and create and implement a strict health regiment for your dog. We will do all the hard work all you have to do is follow our guide provided by us and a veterinarian.

Every fat camp is individually tailored for your dog, based on of their age, energy level, and overall health.

we offer one week, 2 week, and one month fat camps

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