We are your dog’s best friend

You want your dog to have the best of everything- a healthy routine, a safe environment, plenty of exercise, and a lively circle of dog friends. That's what we're about. All at an affordable price.

The Puppy Playhouse is meant to be a PLAYHOUSE, with structure, outside play times, and group naps, not an indoor playground where your dog will learn to potty on the floor. The individual care and attention that the staff provides to every dog acheives our goal of improving the life of every dog.

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Our Services

Daycare starts as early as 6 A.M. with last pick up at 9 P.M. Besides all the structure and playtime, to keep your dog healthy, we offer up to a 2 mile walk.
Overnight Boarding
Boarding does not mean its time to lock your dog in a cage. Your dog will feel at home, because at the Puppy Playhouse, your dog will sleep on one of our queen sized beds with at least one of our caring staff members.
The staff at the Puppy Playhouse prides itself on its effective training methods. From puppy training to fear based aggression we cover it all. We provide both group and individual training sessions
We are proud to partner with multiple rescues. At various times we will be boarding and training dogs that are up for adoption to prepare them for their forever homes.
Fat Camp
overweight pets are becoming an epidemic in the united states. Although it may not sound like a lot, just a few extra pounds can be extremely detrimental to your dogs health. Overweight dogs are more likely to become diabetic, struggle with back problems, and develop heart disease.

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